• What is included in the pipette preventative maintenance?

    Pipette preventive maintenance is included with EVERY level of calibration.

    Preventive maintenance includes:

    • Full internal & external cleaning of pipette
    • O-ring & seal are replaced OR pipette piston is greased (depending on the brand)
    • Minor repairs (Pipette tip cone, tip ejector…etc)

  • How do I order on-site pipette calibration?

  • How do I order on-site balance | scale calibration repair?

  • How do I order mail-in pipette calibration?

    Please call or email us for your FREE pipette service return kit. We will provide you with a shipping box that has special foam inserts for your pipettes & a shipping label to send us your pipettes.

  • What is included in balance | scale preventive maintenance?

    Laboratory balance or scale preventive maintenance includes:

    • Full internal & external inspection of your laboratory balance or scales
    • CLICK HERE to get a full overview of our balance & scale calibration services

  • How do I get the Lab People's ISO:17025 A2LA accreditation certificate for calibration?

    • CLICK HERE to view our A2LA ISO:17025 certification

  • What calibration software does The Lab People use for pipette calibration?

    Pipette tracker

    Overview of the pipette tracker software:

    • Pipette tracker is a FDA validated CFR 21 part 11 calibration software
    • Pipette tracker has all manufacturer’s calibration specifications preloaded
    • Pipette tracker will adjust for environmental factors such as temperature and barometric pressure.
    • Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding the pipette tracker software

  • How do I order weight calibration or validation services?

  • What is ISO:17025

    • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 – A quality framework for device independent calibration.
    • CLICK HERE to view our accreditation

  • What is ISO:8655?

    • ISO/IEC 8655 – A quality framework for pipette calibration
    • Contact us with any questions you have regarding ISO:8655 – [email protected]

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